Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wishes, Wishes.. of a busy Mom!

I am Phebe Eunice, a 30 year-old; 
still single in status, with two dependents but attached for 12 years with my partner in crime Elbert John. I do alot for a living and wishing to do more but I have limited time to spend. Following wishes are possible IF ONLY I HAVE MORE TIME!

I wish, I could finish a 4 year course, I wish I could post blogs more, I want to travel around my country then the globe; learn how to cook delicious meals, have mt own business so I could quit my BPO job; wish I could fulfill my dreams to have m own craft shop; wish of self-hobby-time at least once a week; wish to play around with my children; have a blast and get married to my long-term fiance soonest; wish to upgrade my skill level to tier 2 and get an increase with my salary; wish to make a crochet bolero, crochet slippers and a lot more; most importantly-- to attend church regularly; have my shift changed over to opener; to read and complete at least one book this year; to write something about what I really want this year; to improve self-confidence, grammar, skills and more of my self capabilities; play Piano regularly at home and at our Church; to practice worship with my children everyday; take time to read devotional; to create pattern for my projects; take time to guide my kids with their school home work, project etc., review them any time; have them practice and use their educational material to gain more knowledge; pay all my debts-to be debt- free; create a money- generating page; continue selling and posting available goods online; have my long term online business as "legit" one day; never commit any late and absences any more; to be blessed with a baby girl- we'll name her Bernice Shently; wishing of miracles to happen.. not much of material wishes, but more of my time to be well-spent to everything I could think of.