Monday, October 10, 2011

what can I tell here....

I fell down the stairs this afternoon.
I felt cold skin and felt like having sprain on my lower left legs and all.
I felt like I have a heavy arm on my left since when it happened, I have my child w/ me.
Good thing he's safe and he was never hurt.
I am so much thankful still though I felt like my bones were cracked or dislocated,
still It semmed to be quite fine.
A little pain here and there.
Just told my Team Lead about it and ask that if something goes wrong
or felt so bad about it
I'll run to the clinic to have some pain killers.

I'ts my lunch time at work.
I only have 1 sale - a mobile contract.
Did check my emails and all, nothing important.
It's been souple of months when I last check my Social networks.
Seems I've been left behind.
Bt since I'm considering other things to do first, I think it's okay.
I can catch up esp. Twitter and Facebbok pages.
Just wondering who's accessing my Multiply account since
there alot of notifications and replies on my account.

I only have an hour to express my mindblowing activites and all.
I'm eating my hot cup of Nissin Beef noodles and my Skyflakes crackers.
I don't have appetite since I felt something because of what had happened this afternoon before reporting for work.

I miss my family, My Immediate family I mean. (father, motehr and brothers)
Out bonding and finghting LOL.
Soemtimes, there are some disadvantages having you own family since you have to go w/ your own and even go away from your first family.
The saddest is when they are far like cities away from your location, there are limited times only that you can get intouch w/ time even via help of great technollogy at this age.
But still very happy, thankful and the same times very blest as I have the most brightest and Intelligent Chev in the whole world.
That's my big big advantage that other's dont have ;)

I just wanted to have a happy life.


My noodles are about to run out and I only have 27 more minutes to finish this blog.
My gulp Jucie friom 711 is already through.
I felt sleepy and very heavy eyes and felling all at the same time w/ my sprain aching to death.

Lucky, I'm not late for work, though I walk slowly and very very keen on it since I don't want to feel too much pain on my left body parts.

I wish I coud blog regularly.
I could post my crochet finish products.
I don't sell unless it has been asked to be sold for my friends.
I don't give it to anyone else though since I want to see my pieces of crafts.
If I'll sell them, I'll never seen them again and what's worst, I might stop doing this hobby that sometimes awe my child to play with since I relaly wnat to finish my piece at firstly started.

I wish I could let my tab to be fixed soon and buy a mobile broadmand stick.

Sadly I have to pay all my debts first so I wont have any worries before I will end this year 2011.
See you next time I visit and when I have time and initiative to do this again regularly.

Love you Elckris Chev (my little boy)
Love you Blogger.

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