Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mahirap isipin na dahil sa mga bagay pinakaiingatan mo
magiging delikado ang buhay mo at kapakanan ng pamilya mo.

Hindi ko maisip na sa ganoon kabilis na pangyayari magiging kadelikado ang lagay ng buhay
ni Mike (Michael Valencia). Pinsang buo ni Jan (tatay ni Chev-na anak ko).

Who can imagine that he just drop his son at school and heading for work when he was
caught by these bandits trying to get his 3months old Ryder 150cc single motorcycle by Kawasaki. When had the chance to run and grab it's key, he was gun shot at his lower extremities thrice and one at his back. Too late for the cops to respond as they are sleeping in their quarters.

He was bought by a taxi driver at Amang Rodriguez hospital at Bayan Marikina City.
Thanks to young couples riding the taxi to allow him use their ride and have him taken care by the hospital crews.

It still need to check the bullet on his stomach as it is unstable so surgeons cannot do any actions to operate Mike. Hope that he will not get any infections and any heart problems since no pain reliver or anything is given only meds to keep him stable until now.

Only strong hold na d prayers and love that we can offer to guide him though since his children needs him as their jusy young and not even know what's really happening to their father.

Mike, keep in touch with God above, you cna do it, we are all here for you! Strong hold to Gods hands and never give up!

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thanks Guys... Prayers please. ;)