Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Coffee, Water, Sweets and other food stuffs in a callcenter... What will you take?

What's with COFFEE?
I know there's an addictive effect for it has caffaine but it's all in the mind! It's on how many times you would like to drink cups of coffee in a day or you're just happy doing it.

Some says it has anti-oxidants.
Were I believe it kills stress, nothing else.

Coffee, coffee, coffee...

At my job, It is free coffee -- everyday!
You can take as much cups of coffee all the way!

But in my case, I get numbed when I'm overtaking numbers of coffee cups.
Some were pulpitating, felt like floating, and get energized.

Coffee is good in the morning so you'll get teh energy that you need atleast it will wake your sleeping nerves.
But i don't think it's advisable that you take coffee everyday-0-
instead just take 8 glasses of water.
It will help wash our toxins away.
It will help us regulate our vowels.
It will keep our skin glow.
It helps prevent Urinary Tract Infection, esp. if you are a fan of salty foods or some sweets.

You cna have warm, cold or hot water theraphy even while taking calls.
Atleast nothing to worry of what it has (minerals), unlike coffe that it has sugar, caffaine, whatever......

But, I still take coffee sometimes, but not always as often...
I don'r drink it like water-- maybe I consider coffe as a cocktail--
well mannered coffee drinker ;)


Chips, Dips, Crackers, Sweets, Canned Goods---

These junkies are killing us all without noticing it.
Since it has MSG that drives the food magical tastes.

I'm saying dont eat some nad don't ever take 'em, but be considerate enough of your health risks!

You know what you'll get from it--
UTI, Hepatitis, Kidney Failure and the likes.

Still junkfood is televised as not good for the health but manufacturers
are given permitions to operate and sell their stuffs.

Just like the cigars that is being banned to other countries and being sold at high price and taxable as well.

I just can't understand if it's banned then why it's being sold?
Companies should have been very considerate of people's health risks--
Well in this world I know being self considerate and your benefits is everyones's concern and so why this things aired and happening.

Life style in a call center:
Night life is dead (we work mostly at night shift)
Day Drunk (after shift is our drink hours-not for me)
Money making kills (over time over ruling)
Health Risks (vices and lack of rest or vitamins to take)

There are lots of lifestyle a callcenter agent can have, but it still depends in each individual which and what their about to take--

Thankful to my mom that I was from high-end schools and so I have my own considerations, my own will and I don't have groups and proud of my self control.

This is a good choice for me to keep--
NO to VICES!!! ;) peace everyone!

O.T. O.T. O.T. Advantages adn Disadvantages

O.T. hours, O.T. experience, O.T. days w/ sleeping habbits!

When absentism rate goes UP and UP and UP, Over Time rules.
It is affecting everything- the company, account, hours, finances, SPIF's, and the people etc.
Why do you think this happens every time?
I think because of the people who doesn't have control with themselve or for those who can't help it because they badly need it.
Well whatever their purpose are - STILL it affects everthing!

I admit! - -
I had these issues before and now doing my best to avoid it.
This is for the sake of fareness - -

2 Types of O.T.
** Allowed O.T.
-payed by clients and allowed by the company

** Forced O.T.
-taken fromt eh revenue of the company and teh client allowed us to so since we're lacking the hours they've required

Advantages and Disadvantages!

> you are paid for it- (MAINLY for the money)
> an added benefit that really helps
> best for those needing extras esp. to those who have families
> for people who's workaholic and the head of the family
> it covers your taxes for the cut-off

> health issues: back pain, sore throat, stress, lack of sleep
> more pay - more tax deductions
> cover the hours needed for the account
> superiors are alarmed and get dng from the clients
> no family time
> no social life
> no time to go to church

There are lots of advantages and disadvantages we can tell!
But if we have self control, we will hit the target-
Not only for the hours, but even for the sales!

Personal View
Whatever it takes, it seems to be okay to have Over Time-
Make sure to manage your time, health, and space between you, family and your work.
If you cannot balance everything- whalah!
You might get sick, you can be late, you may be out of your job and most of all, family problems!

There's no perfect life, no perfect timing, no perfect job or anything in perfect; but if you think it will be perfect as to what perfect is all about, then so, it will be!

Many are workaholic due to money making, head of the family or just killing the time, but it doesn't mean that we go along with them as you'll get sick in teh end.

Trust your Job
Love your Job
Be Honest with your Job
Keep your Job
and say Yes to your Job

Maybe these are some key words to be alive bad kickin' for it!

If things don't work out, then probably you have to find another job that will best suits you and your capabilities... (sorry)

Comments about this are accepted not for stupid things please!
Just be realistic and be honest w/ yourself!

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