Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Wishes, Wishes.. of a busy Mom!

I am Phebe Eunice, a 30 year-old; 
still single in status, with two dependents but attached for 12 years with my partner in crime Elbert John. I do alot for a living and wishing to do more but I have limited time to spend. Following wishes are possible IF ONLY I HAVE MORE TIME!

I wish, I could finish a 4 year course, I wish I could post blogs more, I want to travel around my country then the globe; learn how to cook delicious meals, have mt own business so I could quit my BPO job; wish I could fulfill my dreams to have m own craft shop; wish of self-hobby-time at least once a week; wish to play around with my children; have a blast and get married to my long-term fiance soonest; wish to upgrade my skill level to tier 2 and get an increase with my salary; wish to make a crochet bolero, crochet slippers and a lot more; most importantly-- to attend church regularly; have my shift changed over to opener; to read and complete at least one book this year; to write something about what I really want this year; to improve self-confidence, grammar, skills and more of my self capabilities; play Piano regularly at home and at our Church; to practice worship with my children everyday; take time to read devotional; to create pattern for my projects; take time to guide my kids with their school home work, project etc., review them any time; have them practice and use their educational material to gain more knowledge; pay all my debts-to be debt- free; create a money- generating page; continue selling and posting available goods online; have my long term online business as "legit" one day; never commit any late and absences any more; to be blessed with a baby girl- we'll name her Bernice Shently; wishing of miracles to happen.. not much of material wishes, but more of my time to be well-spent to everything I could think of.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The very tiring activities, are at home.

I've done washing the clothes today. All the white and the kids daily wears.
Tomorrow, colored clothes and shorts will be on goal.
After washing the clothes, the floor will be next.
Mopping, cleaning and wiping would be the worst part.
But to rest at most, will be rearranging our closets. Refold the clothes for better apace consumption :-)

What's more, every time Bently's hungry, I need to stop and breastfed him..
That's part of the motherhood activity, very tiring.

Hope that tomorrow will be my last busiest day, cause I need to be productive for selling my crocheted products :-)

Nyt world!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

5 Ways to be in Sales!

How to be effective in SALES!

5 Ways to be!

1. Positivity
One way to maintain your stats in Sales industry is being positive at all aspects.
This will help you achieve what you wants to be.

2. Mind-Set
Set your goal each and every day.
By doing this you can get the sales step by step and will even maintain your stats.

3. Focus
In every campain you're after, you need to focus.
Focus on how you cna battle with customer's but and NO's.
This will keep yyou away from any interruptions that may lead on loosing sales.

4. Agressive
Being agresive in a way you are giving all the necessary and advising of the limitation of each and every promotions.
This will let your customers think that this is only for them and not everyone and given the best ooportunity to take the product.

5. Pray and Believe.
It's only you who ca make it happen.
Ask for your guidance each and everyday to pursue your goals.
This will help you to think positive as well and be stable in your stats performance.

Hope that this can help especially in times of trouble making SALES!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

i have lots of things in mind...

I want to do this and that!

I want to have it and that!

I don't like it nor that!


If you have lot's of things in mind, brtter choose your very choice to less your worries and stress!


I think I'm fully changed!

In what?


as a human being?


Nope, I think!

Maybe it's just a pretending stat!

Nope as well!

I know this is me!

I'm such a bubbly-individual!

A talker, funny and a joker!

I'm your friend.

I don't know!

I'm just looking around!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Getting into something TODAY!


One thing I hate is having an addictive attitude in all aspects.
Either to music, food or crafts I can't stop my self w/ my addictive attitude.

For now, I am into crochet.
I love doing such crafts.
What's worst, even in the car,
in the office
(while calling and selling mobile phones over the phone)

I started 2009, before I give birth.
It seems too complicated to see how does it is happening while every stroke of the hooks makes it's perfect chain.
I've tried it once to see if I can stand this kind of craft.
Then slowly but surely am wanting to learn more from it.

How to make long chains, circles, make turns to make another set of chains. then finally I had my first made crochet- crochet ring.
I don't have any pictures at all since it's been a while. But it is very funny since I've never had the chance to know this craft when I was in high or college days.

Though much of confusions and all questions in mind, I decided to learn from it with the help of my fiance's sister Elbhie.
She is really good on this stuff and seen her dedication doing the crafts as order from her work..
I daily watch her hobby while doing my own hand on my own hook that we've bought from the market w/ my new crochet ball threads.
Slowly I can make my own stuffs! I just copy the looks but make my own hook-ups and chains. Though so much trial and error, I've had my rings, purse and all of them don't have the so called professional touch after all I'm just a beginner.

Late month of the year 2009, December, I've sold roughly P300-500 worth of stuffs but not my cause since fiance's hand do it all.
I've continued doing this artsy until first quarter of 2010 until March. And then stop it since I think of some other stuffs getting because I'm getting busy with my child.

I got back when my supervisor had requested an open-head-top bonnet to be used for their vacation in Baguio. I've been paid me P180.
It's worth it though since that time I'm really such a beginner.

Then my child's young god-mother order her Pink-Fuchsia make up bag worth P500 that she
personally offer it's price according to how the bag looks so elegant w/ some beads on it.

Unfortunately, I've stopped doing this hobby up until I've been too very busy w/ other campaigns for mobile and broadband offers.

Couple of months lefts and passed by until I've tried to offer earrings in the office just within this month again..

I thought, I've forgotten how to do it again, but I was wrong which good thing I've improved my chains and finished products.

I can make my own pattern without any guides, (I really start by just watching , like with Music, I am very good just listening to it and can even copy same notes without any pieces.)

Welcome back to crochet hobby, good job since within this month only I've sold nearly a P1000 bucks which means I've already met my target to return my starter budget.


What else I would like to get back with.
My MUSIC talent.

I've been a piano teacher and even earn BIG with that.
But since I have lots of things to consider I've given it up.
My child is already 2 years old, and that's how long I've been hooked to crochet while hooked-dead with my fingers-hand-most-talent.

My child is a boy and I want him to practice and some talent like Piano and I would love to be his own teacher.'

Of course we know crochet is not for boys,
so totally, I would never initiate him to learn about it when he grow up.

I would love him to be in the music industry or even have dance class, cause he has good moves and grooves while music plays around.

* * * * *
Other's I'm thinking of (Not for Sure!)

A full time mom!
Thinking of leaving my job and stay at home to take care of my child.
Do all the chores available, since I'm not really into it.
I've grew up with my aunt's and maids who's doing all the household chores.

Luckily I've been to a boarding house to learn things I really can't do at home since we have other people to do all that.

There, I've learned to wash clothes, under wears, everything about washing things and stuffs, eating on a right diet with Vegetarian food for 2 years.
Keep track of my things since we have designated lockers.
Be friend with all the people available around.

Back to the main point!
I felt being unfair to my child since when he needs me I am not with him,( bed time, dinner, teaching easy stuffs and all)

I work night shift and went home at 4AM,
I've always seen him deep sleeping in front of the fan and not beside his father.

It breaks my heart since I want to be with my little one in his age since when grow up, like me it would be very hard to cope up with the things I haven't done and teach him how to do things right.

Mother's are best known for what's right for their child, not saying anything about fathers but more likely we offer more guidance and protection especially for our boys and girls.

Main thing, I felt so empty being a mother since I've never experience even a whole week to play and chat with my Little boy.

Thank God he is very intelligent and loving to everyone.
Keen to color and flash cards, though he speaks more of our language he also knew lots of English words and funny stuffs.
Though we cannot ensure bad words that he absorb hearing from other people, we make sure that he will eliminate those words and never try to say it again.

Still I can't get out of this job.

I need it, my family need it as well!

I need OT..


It's performance based!
Depending on how many sales do you have for the whole shift...
It's very tiring though worth it for the paid OT hours.

I need rest, that's all!

For Now, this will be all.
Being busy is very nice, so I wont be bored. ;)